Her finne du interessante tips, prosjekter og inspirasjon knyttet til sy, søm og alt mulig.  Jeg skriver det på engelsk siden det er morsmålet mitt og sikkert mye mer forståelig en min norsk.  Jeg jobber med å utvider min norsk-engelsk sy-ordbok her og, innspill og tanker er veldig velkommen fra alle dere flinke folk!

Norsk-Engelsk Sy-Ordbok

I have struggled my way through Danish, Swedish and Norwegian sewing patterns – half guessing what some of the terminology meant! Surely I’m not the oly person in this boat… so I starting keeping note of the terms I was having trouble with into a... les mer

Tips for buying fabric online

Tips for buying fabric online Let face it, most of us do not have a store locally here in Norway that we can go and drool over the vast array of beautiful fabrics we see online and on Instagram.  We fall in love Wwith fabrics from Atelier Brunette or Kobayashi, and... les mer

The ethics of your fabric

The ethics of your fabric My backgound is helping to reduce the environmental impact of industrial companies, and more specifically, greenhouse gas emissions.  Perhaps this has programmed me to consider the life cycle impact and the ethics of my fabrics. It is... les mer

Sewing with double gauze

I love the look, feel and drape or double gauze.  It has body, form, but drape beautifully – how many fabrics can do this??  How can one fabric look so light and breezy, but also look cozy and comfortable at the same time is something I’m not sure... les mer

Sewing with slippery fabrics

Tips and trick for sewing with slippery fabrics I am far from the worlds best sewer and don’r profess to know it all – I thought I’d share with you some of may favourite sewing tips and tutorials.  First off the ranks… scarey… sewing with... les mer

Tips and tricks on sewing for kids

Here are some tips for sewing for kids: Keep measurements handy and update them often Keep your child’s measurements handy. You’ll be able to take advantage of any pattern or fabric sales you happen upon, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration in not... les mer