Om Oss

For the joy of creating

Syskapet is an online sewing store based in Bergen Norway.  I love taking some time out of my day to slow down and create something.  It’s satisfying, beautiful and often practical.  In short, it makes me smile.

I hope to inspire you to do the same by stocking a range of high quality fabrics and sewing supplies.  I search the globe to stock what I love, what inspires me and what I want to create with.

So I hope you take the time to slow down, take a look around, and join me.

Our Products


Our products are selected for their beauty, quality and ability to delight and inspire.   We want you to be inspired to create beautiful homewares, accessories, clothes and gifts.  Our products come from across the globe, so she can bring you a unique range easily accessible in one place.

We select fabrics that will reward your sewing efforts with creations that can be treasured for years to come;  and we selectstools and supplies that will stand the test of time.

The Syskapet range includes a range or organic cottons, double gauze, Merchant & Mills scissors and sewing tools, lots of inspirational sewing patterns and sewing kits for the young and the young at heart.

About me

I have grown up in a home where mum always sewed those special clothes to us.  She was an eternally patient sewer, un-picking things innumerable times to get it just right, even smocking the fronts of our dresses.

Having a burning need to make and produce things, be it with wood, metal, paint or fabric, I naturally learned to sew and make my own first pyjama pants and cushions as a teenager.  I never realised how spoiled I was to have a mum who could tailor a suit and show me how to add invisible zippers!

For my 21st birthday I got my very own sewing machine from my parents… and the creating started… with varying results.  Having a number of creative friends nearby, we had a great time creating clothes that were not exactly what the A4 person would have worn… often over a glass of red wine or two.

As work overtook, making clothes fell by the wayside, until having children.  On moving to Norway, not having my sewing machine, I started to knit and crochet… but it takes so LONG!!!  My kind parents (ahem!) packed my sewing machine in their suitcase and checked it into the plane on one of their visits.  Needless to say, after some imaginably rough treatment by baggage handlers, it wasn’t working so very well on arrival, but we soon got it going again.

I found little in the way of variety of quality fabrics here… and a bit on the short side in the way of sewing patterns that inspired me, and so the idea for Syskapet born.

The website is a mix of English and Norwegian as English is the laguage I learned to sew with and, lets face it, you can be more yourself in your own language.  So please feel free to communicate with us in Norwegian, we are a Norwegian store, I just find it much easier to write in English.